Smack'em Teams


There are 4 teams possible in a Smack'em game set. Each team consists of 1 or 2 players.

Smack'em Player


Smack'em can be played with 2 to 8 players.

Smack'em Win


Rounds are played and points are earned each round. The first team to 100 points wins!

Let's Get Started


Divide into 2 to 4 teams consisting of 1 or 2 players. Ideally each team will have 2 players but if the number of players does not work out that way, more experienced players can be their own team.

You can also play with all teams having only one player. This is a fun way for everyone to really sharpen their Smack'em skills!

Each team chooses a deck of Smack'em cards to represent their team's color for the game.

There are 2 positions that will need to be filled for each team. If a team only has 1 person, then they will be playing both positions.

Give the Smack'em cards a good shuffle and then prepare cards for playing the first round.

Prepare Cards

  • Place 4 cards face up, side-by-side, in front of the teammate playing 1st Position.
  • Next create a "Smack Stack" by placing a stack of 13 cards face up in front of 1st Position with only the top card showing.
  • 2nd Position will hold the remaining stack of cards in their hands for playing.

Wild One Cards

Wild One cards can be played in the Common Area at any time. Any color 2-card can be played on top of a Wild One card. The color of the 2-card played on the Wild One card determines the stack's color for the remainder of the round.

Playing Areas

Common Area

The Common Area is in the center of the table where all teams can play on stacks of cards.

In the Common Area, stacks are formed by colors with the numbers starting at 1 and ending with 13 on top.

Once a stack reaches 13, the player that played the 13 places the stack off to the side of the Common Area to make room for more stacks to be played.

Cards played in the Common Area must be played one at a time.

Only cards in the Common Area earn points.

Team Areas

The Team Areas are the places directly in front of each team. Only team members can play in their Team Area.

Cards played in the Team Area must be played by placing cards highest to lowest AND rotating between hand-icon cards and non hand-icon cards.

Colors do not matter when stacking in the Team Area.

Cards in the Team Area do not earn points.

Position Tasks

1st Position Tasks

1st Position has in front of them 4 cards, face up, side-by-side. They also have a "Smack Stack" of 13 cards near the 4 side-by-side cards.

Only the top card in the Smack Stack is playable. The top card of the Smack Stack can be played in either the Team Area or the Common Area. Once the top card has been played, the next card in the stack becomes the top playable card.

Each of the top cards of the 4 side-by-side cards can also be played in the Common Area.

Side-by-side card stacks can be combined if they go together following the side-by-side rules. This allows another Smack Stack card to be played in the now empty side-by-side spot.

1st Position's main goal is to get rid of the Smack Stack as fast as they can to try and beat the other teams.

When 1st Position player has played the last card in the team's Smack Stack, that team yells "SMACK!"

The round ends and all players stop playing.

The first team to empty their Smack Stack and yell "SMACK!" earns an additional 10 points for that round.

2nd Position Tasks

2nd Position has the remaining team cards in their hand. When a round begins, 2nd Position team member flips through the pile of cards 3 at a time. Only the top card of the 3 flipped cards is playable.

The playable card may be played in the Common area or in their Team Area. Keep in mind that only cards played in the Common Area are counted as points. Usually the 2nd Position will only focus on the Common Area unless a certain card is needed in the Team Area to help reduce the Smack Stack.

If the top card of the deck cannot be played, then 2nd Position again flips another 3 cards and repeats this process until there is a top card that can be played.

If the top card of the 3 flipped is played, the next card showing is now playable. If that 2nd card is played, then the next card showing is now playable. etc. until you reach a card that can't be played. When the top card cannot be played, flip another 3 cards.

After 2nd Position has gone through their pile, flipping 3 at the time, and comes to the end of the deck, they will place any left over cards (1 or 2 cards) on the bottom of their pile. Then the pile of cards is turned over and the 3 card flipping process continues until the round ends.

To Win the Game

Adding Up Points

Once a round has ended, the cards played in the Common Area are all gathered up and divided into team colors. Each team is given their pile of cards to be counted for team points. One point for each card.

Only cards played in the Common Area earn points.

First Team to yell "SMACK!" earns an additional 10 points.

Count up any cards left in your Smack Stack. These cards count against you and the number is subtracted from the number of points earned from the Common Area.

If the number of cards in your Smack Stack is more than the number played in the Common Area then your points will be negative and will be subtracted from your score.

Record your team scores on our Smack'em Score Pad App for that round. (Or with pencil and paper.)

Play additional rounds until a team reaches 100 points to win the game!

If more than one team goes past 100 points in a round, the team with the highest points wins.

Team Points Each Round
+1 point For each card played in the Common Area.
-1 point For each card left in your Smack Stack.
+10 points First team to play all Smack Stack Cards and yell "SMACK!"

Optional: Leveling the Playing Field

When playing with younger players or less experienced players you can choose from the following options to even things out.

1st Position:

  • Allow team to have fewer cards in their Smack Stack.
  • Allow team to not have to rotate cards with hand icon and non hand-icon cards.

2nd Position:

  • Allow team to flip 1 or 2 cards at a time instead of the 3.