Similar to the Phase 10 game but so much more fun!
Number of Players: For 2-6 players.

How to Play

Prepare Playing Area:

  • Have players download the Grouch phases graphic to their devices to keep track of phase requirements.
  • Shuffle 2 decks of Smack'em Cards together to create one large deck.
  • Deal 10 cards to each player.
  • Place remaining cards in the center of game area to be used as a draw pile.
  • Flip over top card from the draw pile to create a discard pile.
  • Beginning with the first phase, each player works to get their phase completed before the round ends.

Begin Play

  • Going around in a circle, each player takes a turn by drawing one card from the top of the draw pile or the top card from the discard pile.
  • During their turn and once they have collected the complete phase, a player can lay down their phase cards in front of them.
  • Once a player has laid down their phase cards they can then add to any other player's phases that are laid down as well.
  • A player ends their turn when they discard one card from their hand to the discard pile.

Buying Cards

  • Once a player has discarded a card to end their turn then anyone can call out "Buy It" to buy the discarded card.
  • The player to the immediate left has first dibs on the card and if they want it they can pick it up to begin their turn without having to "buy" the card.
  • If that player does not want the card, then the player to the left of them can now buy it if they choose. And so on with each player to the left, around the circle until that discarded card has been bought or until no one wants it.
  • To buy a card, a player will pick up the card from the discard pile and also one card from the top of the draw pile.
  • Game resumes as normal.


  • If a player discards a card to the discard pile that could have been played elsewhere then any player can shout "Grouch!"
  • The grouched card is removed from the discard pile and added to the spot it can be played.
  • The player that shouted "Grouch!" let's the player that had discarded the grouched card choose a card from their hand without showing that player their cards.

Round Ends

  • Round ends when a player gets rid of every card in their hand.
  • Each player adds up the points from the cards left in their hands.
  • For each 1-9 card = 5 points
  • For each 10-13 card = 10 points
  • Record score for each player and begin next round.
  • All players advance to the next phase regardless of if they have completed the phase or not.

To Win the Game

  • The player with the least amount of points after the last round wins the game!