HeatherThank you for stopping by! I am Heather, the designer behind this fabulously entertaining game we call Smack'em. I am wife to Sam and together we have 5 incredible kiddos that help keep our floors sticky, our sleep deprived, and our hearts full.

Back in my college days I was introduced by Sam's family to a game called "Nertz". After playing a few rounds, I was hooked. I enjoyed playing it so much that Sam and I took it home to my own family to teach them the game and it became a favorite with my parents and siblings as well.

During our early married years, it didn't matter which parent's home we went to for Sunday dinner, Nertz was usually on the evening entertainment agenda. As our love of the game grew so did the number of people that wanted to play. We had quite a few game nights with friends who wanted to learned the game and they too enjoyed playing it as much as we did.

Great so where does Smack'em come in?

Glad you asked. When we first started playing the game, we were able to get Nertz cards through a contact in the area that had a limited supply. Because it was a limited supply and they no longer made them, we haven't been able to get new cards for years now and sadly the condition of our original cards have been going downhill ever since.

New cards were well over due and it was high time something was done about it!

I scoured the internet looking for Nertz cards to purchase but was always disappointed with what I found. I soon realized that there were many versions of ways to play, different versions of the name and also different card designs. None of these versions in my internet searches fit the bill of what I wanted.

My profession as a Graphic Designer enters the scene.

In addition to being a wife and mother I am also an experienced Graphic Designer. As I was knee deep in searching for just the right deck, I kept daydreaming about different design ideas I would use to make the perfect set of cards to fit my needs. Things like what font I would use, what size to make them, and what colors I knew would work best.

Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks card decks.

Why not use my skills and experience to create a set of cards that I know I will use and love in my own home. Brilliant. Once that thought entered my mind I was all in. I have spent countless hours researching, designing, implementing, testing, redesigning and perfecting until I reached a finished product that I am thrilled to share with you!

After my online research, I realized how different this game varies with rules and instructions depending on the information source. I wanted a name for my newly designed version that would help it stand out from all the others. Because let's face it: It is a time tested, tried and true, version of a very beloved card game!

Introducing the finished product: Smack'em

After much time and energy (and many sleepless nights!) Smack'em has transformed from a mere idea to a highly entertaining, tangible product I know you and your family will love for years to come.

Smack'em game set

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