Smack'em Family

Good times with friends and family and you don't need a screen? What?!

That's right. Close your chat screens, place those game controllers back on their chargers, and put the computer to sleep for the evening. It's time for a little social entertainment - sans selfies and over shared and under designed memes.

Grab some popcorn and gather round the table for a great time of laughter, excitement and intense fun! (Although, watch out. That popcorn might come flying right back at you, from the other players, as you yell "SMACK!" to win the game!)

Smack'em Family

How to Play made easy!

Check out our How to Play section for easy to follow instructions complete with how-to slides to help everyone get Smack'em in no time!

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Smack'em How to Play

FREE Smack'em Score Pad App

No need to rummage through your kitchen junk drawer trying to find a pencil and paper. Our free and easy-to-use Smack'em Score Pad App makes keeping track of each team's score a breeze.

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Smack'em Score Pad App

Why Smack'em Cards wins out every time.

  • Smack'em Cards have a very clean and clutter-free design.
  • Colors chosen are easy to see and wont get lost under a lamp glare.
  • Smack'em Cards have numbers instead of face card symbols which helps younger players (and face card inept people like myself!) stack without confusion.
  • Our nines and sixes are distinct and easy to tell apart.
  • Our handy dandy Smack'em Score Pad App makes keeping score simple and fun.
  • Last but certainly not least, yelling "SMACK!" to win the round is just so rewarding to the competitive soul!

Why Smack'em

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Looking for great entertainment the whole family will enjoy?

We have what you need to get your family having fun together again. Smack'em even helps rid your family reunions of the ever present awkward silences and drab small talk!
Smack'em or Small Talk

Need a solution to common phrases such as:

"We're bored." or "There's nothing to do." or "We never want to play video games again. Is there anything else we can play?"
(Kidding on that last one. Just checking to see if you are still with me, but wouldn't that be great to hear!)

Smack'em to rid the boredom

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